Manteno State Hospital

May 27, 2009, 12:06 pm
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There is nothing left of Manteno State Hospital to explore.  This does not mean there are no buildings left standing. Quite the contrary,  the campus is comprised of about 65% of the hospital’s original structures.

The north side of the old MSH campus is the Manteno Veteran’s Home (owned by the Veterans Administration) which is made up of old cottage buildings that have been renovated to suit the needs of America’s vets who need assisted living or other such services.

The south side of the campus has many brand new buildings and houses where many massive hospital structures once stood.  Original structures that remain, like the old Administration Building, are privately owned, have been completely renovated, and are used as offices and other industrial types of buildings.

All buildings on the old MSH campus are federally/privately owned, patrolled by security,  and/or the Manteno Police Department. Trespassing is illegal in the State of Illinois. Trespassers can be prosecuted in “criminal” court, convicted, fined or sent to jail for the crime of “criminal trespass to real property.” If the trespasser knowingly damages another’s property, then the trespasser is also guilty of “criminal damage  to property.”

The old MSH cemetery is part of the VA cemetery. It is owned and maintained by the VA and stepping foot on the cemetery grounds is trespassing on Federal property.  (Any crime, (such as trespassing), that occurs on Federal land is a Federal crime, and the accused may be charged with committing a felony offense.) The VA maintains its own security force who is in charge of access and monitoring of the cemetery. Deceased veterans (and patients) deserve to be honored, not disrespected.

#1 If you must visit the Diversatech/Manteno VA Home campus, please keep to public walkways and roads, and obey all posted notices. Trespassing would not only be risking getting caught for illegal activity, but also a serious waste of time.  The maintained and true historical presence of what was once one of the country’s largest state mental institutions lies in the grand exteriors of the last remaining buildings.  This is why I have done by best to capture the history and essence of  Manteno State Hospital (pre-demolition) via the website.

#2 As far as “paranormal investigations” go, I must reiterate that I am not the one to be contacted regarding “supernatural” inquiries. I am a rational thinker and maintain strong, evidential and scientific views regarding outrageous claims such as those of paranormal activity. (See “contact“.)


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